Mobility Issues

Eastern & Central Europe in general and Romania in particular are not easy to navigate for people with moderate to severe mobility issues. Entire sections (typically the most touristed) of some cities such as Budapest, Prague, and Vienna are closed to motorized traffic. Many streets are cobblestone or gravel, and sidewalks are broken and uneven. Some of the hotels we use do not have elevators. None of the B&Bs, dorms or guesthouses have them. Many of the castles (Peles, Bran & Vadjahunyad), walled citadels (Sighisoara), and fortress chuches (Biertan) are built on many levels and are often located on hilltops which require an uphill walk of 5-10 minutes to reach.

YOUR GENERAL CONDITION NEEDS TO BE SUCH THAT YOU CAN CLIMB 2 FLIGHTS OF STEPS AND WALK FOR 20-30 MINUTES WITHOUT STOPPING TO REST. We are sorry, but wheelchairs or rolling walkers will NOT work for you in this environment. Canes and/or walking sticks are OK. If you like to sit when the group stops, bring a cane that doubles as a folding stool. UUPCC Pilgrimage trips to Romania are rated on the Elder Hostel scale at 3-4 depending upon your specific group’s itinerary.

This also applies to all trips in the Philippines and Khasi Hills.

If you are not sure that you are up to the trip after reading this section please contact your group organizer or email the UUPCC Travel Coordinator.